Mehul Irá

Mehul Irá completed his B.S. in Computer Engineering at ISEL (part of Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon) in 2011, before finishing his B.S, in October of 2010, he joined AGAP2, an IT consultancy company, where he worked mainly as a Software Developer, helping on a in-house product named @corp.

In early 2012, Mehul joined URBANOS, one of the main logistics & supply chain Portuguese company, as a Software Developer, contributing on their web applications and mobile apps that support whole logistics & supply chain process.

In September of 2012, Mehul left URBANOS and joined SAPO, one the main Portuguese web portal, and served as one of the R&D departments for Portugal Telecom, main Portuguese telecom company.

Worked mainly on two products of SAPO: SAPO Desporto, mainly contributing to the backend component responsible for sports statistical data (near real-time sports statistics and statistics history); and on the Service Delivery Broker (or simply SDB), which is a “service bus” used by all SAPO related projects/products to share their APIs.

In 2015, Mehul joined Mindera, also as a Software Developer, helping on products for companies like YNAP and AppScatter.

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