19ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto no Porto

No dia 02/12/2017 será realizada a 19ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto no Porto. Para participar, efectue o registo de acordo com as instruções abaixo.


09:45  -  Recepção dos participantes
10:00  -  Software developer career anti patterns - Sérgio Oliveira

With the increasing number and expansion of tech companies, IT professionals became highly desirable professionals. In fact, nowadays, one just needs to be a computer engineer to get a job. Is this reality fostering the evolution of the new age IT professionals?

Throughout mentoring developers, and conducting more than 200 job interviews, the speaker was able to identify several career anti-patterns and pitfalls.

11:00  -  Coffee Break
11:30  -  The downfall of Goliath (monolith) by the little Davids (microservices) - José Martins

Monoliths are crap, all hail micro-nano-mini-something!

Who wouldn't want to work in a distributed system with lots of tinny little parts running on something called cloud that exists somewhere with better weather than where you live? Whenever I hear monolith I think of our long distant relatives, before discovering fire, staring at the ceiling of their cave wondering what dependency to add next to their gigantic system. Those where the old days of software, now we have fire and the wheel, so anything's possible!

I'll share with you my experience of going from a monolith to microservices running on a cloud, the good's and the bad's and maybe something else, depending on the coffee.

12:30  -  Painel de Discussão e Sorteio de Prémios
Nota: Ao final da reunião, escolhemos um restaurante próximo e fazemos um almoço em grupo para continuar o convívio e aproximar as pessoas. A participação é opcional.


Rua de Santos Pousada, 220 - 4000-478
4000-478 Porto

Coordenadas GPS: 41.1505229, -8.6013379
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