Apresentação realizada em 07/04/2018 na 21ª Reunião Presencial da Comunidade NetPonto no Porto.

Evolve you Application: Do not let refactor scare you

Por Mário Nogueira

Working on applications with an old code base that require new functionalities and improvements
along the years can be hard and frustrating for all - developers, product owners and other

As the application grows, with new modules which are being built on top of old modules that have
also been built on top of other modules by different teams, developers using different technologies,
so does its complexity and maintenance costs. This seriously affects developer’s motivation,
productivity and confidence in fixing bugs or even refactoring old modules.

In this talk I’ll be showing some examples, and hopefully give you some ideas, on how we have been
evolving our application and renewing old modules, how to build some “failsafe” mechanisms so that
you can detect when you accidently broke something that you weren’t expecting.

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