Apresentação realizada em 13/02/2012 na Sessão Especial NetPonto: PowerPivot com Alberto Ferrari.

PowerPivot: Introduction + Many-To-Many in DAX

Por Alberto Ferrari [MVP]

The introduction of many to many dimension relationships in SSAS (since 2005) opened new scenarios that can be solved using OLAP cubes. Now, with the introduction of the Vertipaq engine and the DAX programming language, it seems that many-to-many relationships are no longer supported. As we are going to show, this is not true: many-to-many relationships can be leveraged in DAX too, even if this means some deep understanding of the Vertipaq engine and of the DAX programming language.

During the session we will first set a solid background on the DAX programming language, introducing the basics of DAX programming and the concepts of row and filter context. Then we will deep dive into many scenarios where many-to-many relationships can be managed by using DAX. The implementations are different from those used in SSAS, both from the data modeling and from the programming points of view. Gaining the ability to master many-to-many relationships will open new modeling scenarios that look very promising in SSAS.
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